VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Reino Unido (2544) – Trabalho com jovens dos 11 aos 25 anos de idade

Detalhe da Oferta:

VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Reino Unido (2544) – Trabalho com jovens dos 11 aos 25 anos de idade

Duração: 11 meses de 01-09-2013 a 31-07-2014

Local: Reino Unido

Horário: 5 dias por semana, 5 horas por dia. Férias: 2 dias por cada mês de duração de projeto

Condições: Alojamento, Alimentação, Viagens, vistos, vacinas, Seguro, formação linguística, Acompanhamento pessoal, ciclo de formação e avaliação, férias (2 dias por cada mês), transporte local, subsídio mensal (105,00€).

Vagas: 1


Supporting activities for disadvantaged youth (aged 11-25yrs) and bilingual support in schools.
We work with young people aged 11-25. The service has 22 full time staff working on a variety of different areas.

The Youth Service works in partnership with local groups and individuals, creating opportunities for community action and development through supporting activities for young people.
The Youth Service has a tradition of providing opportunities, training and support for local volunteers to work with young people and has hosted EVS volunteers for over 7 years. There is a team of dedicated youth workers based in a youth centre from which some of the EVS volunteers will work.

The youth service provides a number of opportunities for young people to get involved in such as sports, outdoor activities, youth exchanges, digilabs, Eurodesk, issues based workshops and so on.
The EVS volunteers will have the opportunity to work in all these areas to identify specific interests. In addition to this there are volunteering opportunities to assist polish and portugeuse children and young people in local schools, with the option of also getting involved with youth service activities.


- age: 18-30 years old
- enthusiastic and highly motivated volunteer
- experience of working with young people
- experience of working with community events for people of all ages


Activity 2

The project place is an oldest Boys club. It has been the club of the community for many years and has played a vital part in events that have affected the community over the years.

The club is a partnership between the youth service, the Boys and Girls club and the local community.
The club has a varied agenda which reaches out the most of the community.

The building is a purpose built youth facility and offers many opportunities for members. A varied programme is delivered dependant on the needs of the young people. Regular consultation is undertaken to ensure the young people’s needs are met.


The Youth Provision is open three evenings per week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 6.15pm-8.15pm so volunteer must be prepared to do evening work.


All volunteers will live in a shared 3/4 bedroom house close to the centre.
Our city is about 1 hour from Cardiff and about 4 hours from London.

Documentação: CV e Carta de Motivação em inglês

Mais Informações: http://www.sve.pt/vaga/aberta/2544

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