VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Ucrânia (1733) – Promoção das competências sociais

Detalhe da Oferta:

VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Ucrânia (1733) – Promoção das competências sociais e pessoais dos jovens

Duração: 7 meses de 04-01-2013 a 04-08-2013

Local: Ucrânia

Horário: 5 dias por semana, 5 horas por dia. Férias: 2 dias por cada mês de duração de projeto

Condições: Alojamento, Alimentação, Viagens, vistos, vacinas, Seguro, formação linguística, Acompanhamento pessoal, ciclo de formação e avaliação, férias (2 dias por cada mês), transporte local, subsídio mensal (80,00€).

Vagas: 1


The project aims both towards volunteer social and personal development, providing them with opportunities for intercultural learning, new skills and abilities development, multilinguism and European Awareness as well as organizational and community development – encouraging young participation in local communities, promoting European Active Citizenship and encouraging local and international partnership.


- Stimulate the intercultural learning process and enhance the European Awareness and Active Participation within the hosting communities from Donetsk Region.
- Provide the context and the opportunities for all volunteers to develop both personally as well as socially by acquiring and improving new skills and competences as well as boost their self-confidence.
- Increase tolerance towards different cultures by learning and accepting the cultural differences.
- Contribute to the community development by boosting the participation and active involvement of young people in their local communities.
- Encourage the participation of youngsters with fewer opportunities
- Widen and strengthen the partnership and co-operation relation in between all project promoters


In order to build a strong society, it is necessary for youngsters to have access to education and information. Youngsters living in small urban and rural areas often do not have the same opportunities as do youngsters in regional centres.


- have a positive and active lifestyle
- Openness towards new experiences and readiness to go beyond conventional ways of looking at intercultural encounters will be an advantage.


The volunteer’s tasks will be diverse and focused both on social and personal development of the volunteers as well as the community development:
- Attend all preparation, evaluation, planning and thematic trainings (On Arrival)
- attend all language classes, participate in the class, learn and prepare accordingly.
- prepare themselves for each meeting with the requested materials (for example: filling on time the monthly evaluation forms) - assist the local community facilitator in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the community non formal education activities
- Assist in working with the youngsters; propose activities, discussion topics, share opinions, cultural and traditional customs, etc.
- Openly communicate with the mentor, the local community facilitator, his/her peer volunteers and the EVS coordinator
- Be responsible and meet one’s tasks accordingly.


The working hours of the volunteers will mainly be within our regular working hours, which are Monday until Friday 9 -18, but we plan to have them busy with work just 5-6 hours per a day and the volunteers will decide by themselves which period of time is more suitable for their work.

Documentação: CV e Carta de Motivação em inglês

Mais Informações: http://www.sve.pt/vaga/aberta/1733/

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