Global Publisher and Technical Blueprint Owner (Digital Transformation Project)

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Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC covers the functions Sales, IT, Digital Marketing and Product Management of Mercedes-Benz Cars and is responsible for the development of the worldwide Mercedes-Benz websites and online sales touchpoints.
The Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC Web Channel provides the customers with a seamless and luxurious online experience based on latest technology. The user interface and integration platform is designed to make the customer’s journey consistent and seamless across all digital touchpoints.

In this context the Global Publisher and Technical Blueprint Owner is responsible for the global website blueprint and the publishing of features, reference contents and changes within the customer journey according to a release plan providing implementation guidelines and SEO governance on a technical level. The Global Publisher and Technical Blueprint Owner is responsible for the content integration team, improving and maintaining content in joint collaboration with content provider, with the target of achieving business goals. Further duties are: proofreading and testing of overall journey to ensure a global standard; execution the final quality tests before publishing of reference contents and feature releases; and driving the global SEO governance.

Job Description
- Design and maintain the global website blueprint as reference for all markets;
- Activate features, reference contents and applications and triggering communication towards Stakeholder, Regions and Markets;
- Collaborate in design of always-on and campaign playbooks;
- Define global standards together with stakeholders;
- Align with defined pilot market and ensure implementation of reference content can be done smoothly with provided guidelines;
- Develop and communicate implementation guidelines and playbooks for the markets to ensure a consistent web journey globally;
- Define content strategy that aligns with business targets both long term and short term (release, strategic roadmap);
- Collaborate design and develop site content, design and layout with content provider, agency experience hubs globally and development teams within Digital House;
- Edit, proofread and improve content when necessary;
- Maintain a content and release calendar and communicate this within the Digital House organization and regions/markets;
- Ensure all data and work is compliant to Daimler standards;
- Remain current on developments and generate new ideas to draw attention and channel attractiveness for audience.
- Plan, create and manage the overall Quality Planning strategy;
- Ensure overall customer journey consistency, feature delivery and technical quality of reference for all applications/pages;
- Ensure consistency and actuality of guidelines to implement them globally, check and improve with defined pilot market usability of guidelines;
- Investigate product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction;
- Test current products, contents an journeys and Identify key KPIs for product quality;
- Suggest solutions to identified issues, prepare and present reports and metrics to stakeholders.
- Develop and implement effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies (technical standards and guidelines) for a global use;
- Optimize website content, landing pages and paid search copy in the website code base;
- Ensure that SEO basics and criteria are considered as “built-in-quality” in all products of the web channel with suitable IT tools;
- Keep abreast of SEO and integrated marketing trends for the MB web channel;
- Conduct keyword research to guide content teams;
- Review technical SEO issues and recommend fixes;
- Support, training and raise awareness of the SEO guidelines and SEO tools in the Digital House in regard to technical aspects, collect data and report on traffic, rankings and other SEO aspects.

- Proven work experience as a Content Manager, Quality Assurance Manager/Engineer;
- Knowledge of standard and current SEO practices;
- Technical knowledge of HTML/CSS and online publishing;
- Experience with a variety of different testing techniques (e.g., UI Testing, Automated Testing, Test Driven Development Strategies and other);
- Experience with software QA tools and processes;
- Experience in managing suppliers within an agile framework;
- Outsanding English skills;
- Skills in organization and communication/collaboration with stakeholders;
- Focused on customer orientation;
- High affinity for agile working methods, detail-oriented and high-quality work style;
- Critical thinker and problem-solving skills.

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