Demand Process Owner (Digital Transformation Project)

Detalhe da Oferta:

Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC builds the digital omnichannel customer experience and aims to achieve 25% of online sales by 2025, and 100% of digital-based sales by 2030. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC aims for the first luxurious digital sales experience. Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC wants to set standards on how to purchase new/used vehicles, (digital) services and accessories in an intuitive, transparent, immersive digital commerce experiences with seamless bridges to the their offline touchpoints. Doing so, Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC creates a truly omni-channel experience.

Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC works in cross-functional teams from Sales & Marketing, IT and, who all are part of the Digital House. Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC uses the SAFe framework, an agile working model that facilitates fast scaling of digital products, as MB.OC working model. Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC main solution is “MB.OC Webchannel & Headless Platform Services”.

As Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC rolls-out its products globally there are regularly demands from various markets. With OneEntry Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel MB.OC provides one communication channel for all markets to bring up such demands. The OneEntry team manages all incoming demands and ideas through a standardized and structured working model. Thus, the OneEntry, ensures a seamless process for requirements from idea to impact. The Demand Process Owner acts as a “gatekeeper” to so-called ARTs (Agile Release Trains) and works as a member of a cross-functional team with Regional Demand Managers and Product Managers from ARTs.

Job Description
- Operationally managing the incoming demands, which includes close working with demand initiators (markets and regions) to understand the demand;
- Conduct regular meetings to qualify the demand from content completeness perspective and business relevance;
- Conduct regular meetings with various ARTs (Agile Release Trains) in order to represent the demands;
- Support the Solution Manager for demands which belong at Solution Level in order to refine the same into Features etc.;
- Support the Solution Manager for reporting and dashboard maintenance based on defined KPIs e.g., number of ideas received, Rresponse time, status of each idea, etc.;
- Support training and communication to both internal and external stakeholders;
- Be a part of continuous improvement and agile thinking and optimisation of existing processes.

- Experience in managing complex projects and multiple stakeholders;
- Experience and knowledge on Agile methods of development is desirable;
- Experience and knowledge with Jira and Confluence is desirable;
- Fluent in English;
- Communication, integration and persuasion skills;
- Ability to work under pressure even under continuously changing conditions;
- Being self-organized and professional.

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