Java Engineer - Remote Job

Detalhe da Oferta:

We are looking for a Java Developer who will be working with platform core project and later with client as well!

A short overview of the company:
Our client is a IT Solutions company specializing in financial and payment systems. Applying modern technologies such as cloud & microservices for solving businessb problems. Working with Banks and FinTechs.

Duties and responsibilities:
-Works with a core project / platform
-New functionality
-Update and improve existing functionality.
-Work with a clients project. If there are several customers, then there will be a separate team. New client in the signing process.
-Participate in system or module development for the FinTech industry.
-Collaborate with the customer about the business requirements and propose optimal ways to satisfy those.
-Work in a start-up environment, but on serious projects

 IT stack: Java 11, Spring Boot, gRPC, Azure, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Vue.js un HTML5, Jira, Slack, integration tests, API testing, Flutter
Team and work organization: The methodology by which work is organized (Agile, Scrum, KANBAN, Waterfall) - KANBAN (Weekly Deployment)

-Work experience: 5+ /Talking about Senior level
-Overall IT work experience at least 5+ years
-Must have experience working with project production maintenance.
-Must have experience in full project development cycle: Development, QA, Model, Production, Maintenance
-Must Have Spring Boot, Java 8, and testing experience.
-Potential barriers and possible adaptability of the platform need to be addressed.
-There isnt QA within a team, so must take responsibilities of these processes himself.
-The project will have a project manager, but candidate may need to communicate directly with the data scientist of client and create various reports and extract needed data.
-100k+ transactions per day as performance daily in close future
-A person should have experience with Kubernetes and one of the Cloud Providers: GCP, Amazon, Alibaba Cloud or Azure.
-Knowing Java, Go, Python or any other general-purpose language is a plus.
-Cloud computing (any of AWS/GCP/Alibaba/Azure)
-Docker (docker cli, docker-compose, docker registry)
-Jenkins, Gradle, Ansible
-Networking (load balancers, cloud network peering, DNS services, Kubernetes networking)
-English B1+

Benefits and conditions:
-Competitve Salary
-Competitive Benefits
-Learning and development support
-Welcoming and friendly culture

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