Fisheries Surveillance Specialist (Team Leader)

Detalhe da Oferta:

Minimum Academic Qualifications Required
-Holder of a postgraduate diploma in the maritime sector or equivalent for more than 10 years.

Minimum required professional experience
- A minimum of 7 years of demonstrated experience in MCS and, more specifically, in the coordination of
fisheries surveillance missions at national and international levels and in the management of monitoring centers
of fisheries;
- Demonstrate proven knowledge in the elaboration and application of Industrial Semi - Industrial and artisanal
fishing regulations;
- Demonstrate practical training experience in different aspects of fisheries surveillance;
- Demonstrate good experience in the management and control of tuna fisheries, shrimp fisheries;
- Good knowledge of using common computer software;
- Having a good knowledge of MCS in the South West Indian Ocean region will be an advantage;
- Able to provide on-the-job training to staff working on INAMR activities at central, provincial and local
- Having worked and recommended in MCS on projects financed by the World Bank is an advantage;
- Demonstrated high capacity for analysis and reporting;
- Have experience in managing and organizing the MCS and have at least 10 years of experience in the areas of
fisheries monitoring and surveillance (both industrial and artisanal) including surveillance; participatory;
- Have experience in the technical management of offshore and coastal nautical resources and in the accounting
and logistics management of a fisheries monitoring center;
- Have proven experience in all modern technologies suitable for monitoring and surveillance of fisheries
(satellite tracking systems, information and data management, etc.);
- Have experience in fisheries economics;
- Have experience in public financing, namely in financing MCS operations;
- Have experience in designing and drafting national fisheries regulations and national action plans to prevent
and eliminate IUU fishing in a context similar to that of Mozambique;
- Previous sub-regional (Southwest Indian Ocean) experience in MCS or similar experience would be an
- Knowledge of the MCS environment and fishing activities in Mozambique is also an advantage.

Communication skills
- Fluent in English and adequate communication skills (speaking and writing) in Portuguese is a must given that
the work environment is Portuguese speaking one.

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