Enterprise Architect

Detalhe da Oferta:

Position Description:
We are currently looking for a candidate to become part of the Architecture team in Lisbon.

Your future duties and responsibilities:
•Support business strategy, focused on a newer target operating model adaption;
•Support the implementation of new business offerings, leveraging on digital technologies and strategic partnerships setup. IT has structured itself to secure and transform its Information System and global organization;
•Support IT Group’s strategy implementation, based on 3 pillars, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data strategy, requiring upscaling of new technologies and methodologies appropriation, better Information System assets management (including obsolescence) and clear IT guidelines and patterns formalization;
•Reinforce and extend team mandates to all domains and locations, such as transversal teams including ADM, Security, Technical and Enterprise Architecture, to better support IT teams in to transform.

Participate in the consistency, adaptability and sustainability of the entire information system by:
•Complying with business objectives and strategy;
•Taking into account external and internal constraints (risks, costs, deadlines, etc.);
•Steering the application landscape management;
•Ensuring that the “Data and Service Management” objectives in their scope are addressed;
•Guaranteeing the relationship between Business needs and their software implementation;
•Help assist studies, projects and portfolios when designing/enhancing their architecture and implementing them throughout the project life cycle, and control their implementation;
•Define, document and maintain the foundations of the reference architecture and participate in streamlining the IS by contributing to its ongoing development.

Main Activities:
•Contribute to the consistency and sustainability of the IS;
•Help analyze the impacts related to the integration of a new architecture block or update an existing block;
•Support studies, projects and portfolios when designing their architecture;
•Together with Business or IT personnel, take part in the processing of the architecture brief when presented to the architecture committee;
•Contribute to the promotion of architecture requirements for projects and portfolios to ensure compliance with quality criteria;
•Contribute to monitoring functional architecture directives and rules in projects and/or portfolios;
•Pass information on IS structuring programs and ensure understanding by local stakeholders;
•Being able to act as first line for all questions related to Information System structuring program (Cloud Transformation, etc…);
•Follow local initiative and advise them to be align with Information System incoming change;
•Support Data management implementation;
•Support for analysis and improvement of data processes (project’s instruction and BAU): Right to erasure, Optimization of flows and Urbanization of systems (especially in the context of the study of flows);
•Perform when delegated, local Project Assessment;
•Explain the process to any IT Project Manager;
•Follow up established milestones and documentation;
•Perform the Architecture and Data assessments;
•Contribute to the organization of the Architecture Committee (where there is no suitable organization);
•Communicate and participate in effective coordination of architecture practices;
•Contribute to the distribution and transfer of knowledge of target architectures and functional and application architecture principles and rules to all teams;
•Help to promote and communicate about the Business and about changes to the functional and application architecture;
•Animate Architecture community:
•Contribute to the central Architecture Board and works (architecture studies, communication campaigns, etc…);
•Build a local architecture community and animate the communication on architecture topics (organize a local architecture board with his local CIO to collect local stakes and strategies);
•Document and maintain architecture solutions;
•Manage and maintain the functional and application mapping of information systems based on the contributions provided by the relevant structures;
•Document the main functional domain arrangement (zone, area, block) with the current architecture;
•Participate in the technology watch;
•Participate to Application Portfolio Management on its perimeter;
•Maintain IT SPoC Referential up to date;
•Ensure 5 years strategic plan is fill each time an application is created or decommissioned change is identify;
•Manage Application obsolescence layer with EA Lisbon;
•Participate to Portfolio reviews on its own perimeter and provide the feedback to related owner in charge of Master plan;
•Communicate and explain IT 2020-24 Stakes (described on the EA website).

Required qualifications to be successful in this role:
Professional Knowledge and Expertise:
•Basic understanding of the functional and application architecture, and urbanization and architecture rules and principles;
•Proficient in data modeling and the related tools;
•Ability to conceptualize the Business and model a Business domain;
•Knowledge of a software design method (for example DDD);
•Basic understanding of analysis, definition and design of application architectures;
•Basic understanding of project management techniques;
•Knowledge of at least one of the Business’s functional domains;
•Basic understanding of architecture and programming techniques;
•Knowledge of their functional domain’s target architecture;
•Use of local languages and other languages, including English.

Soft and Interpersonal Skills:
•Excellent communication skills, being able to adapt to context and interlocutors;
•Adaptability, to work in a multicultural team and environment;
•Analytical thinking, be able to present accurate and meaning full reporting regarding activity;
•Ability to take initiative, pro-active in providing ideas and improvements;
•Ability to summarize.

Se tem interesse nesta oportunidade pode candidatar-se através deste link:https://cgi.njoyn.com/CGI/xweb/XWeb.asp?NTKN=c&clid=21001&Page=JobDetails&Jobid=J0421-0238&BRID=805293&lang=1

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