VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Eslovénia (2699) – Projeto com Jovens

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VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Eslovénia (2699) – Projeto com Jovens

Duração: 7 meses de 01-07-2013 a 31-01-2014

Local: Eslovénia

Horário: 5 dias por semana, 5 horas por dia. Férias: 2 dias por cada mês de duração de projeto

Condições: Alojamento, Alimentação, Viagens, vistos, vacinas, Seguro, formação linguística, Acompanhamento pessoal, ciclo de formação e avaliação, férias (2 dias por cada mês), transporte local, subsídio mensal (85,00€).

Vagas: 1


Our centre has several dislocated youth spots. If the volunteer will work in those spots, we will arrange him transportation.
Some of our programs are organized with other youth organizations in our local community (sports, film, photographical, cultural…).

Volunteer will be working on mutual programs with our program leader. During EVS we will organize debate evenings about education for young people, active participation for young people in international field, employment, EU questions, free time for youth, voluntary work… That way the volunteers and the local youngsters can share their thoughts, experience and learn something new.

We will ask our local organizations (House of culture, Movie, Theatre, Dance club, Fitness studio) that they give a free entrance to EVS volunteers. We will try to get free tickets for summer festivals for him. We really want that volunteer has a quality free time and gets lots of experience form living here.

Our city is a small city divided with river on two parts. It lays on the east side of Slovenia. It has 7000 inhabitants. There are two local city primary schools, high school center with different programs and two universities.
The city has library, galleries, house of culture, churches, monastery, banks, post offices, shop centers, hospital,…

The city is famous for it’s which processes from reformation. The city has a nuclear power. There are many vineyards. There are a lot of opportunities for spreading free time. We are surrounded with nature and woods.
People are open minded, simple, communicative and like getting to know different cultures. They are very active and are involved in numerous activities and societies.


- optimistic
- with positive energy,
- self-initiative,
- talkative,
- non racist or and without discriminator opinion
- interest for organising different events, about multimedia
- willing to work on different fields
- age: 18 until 30 years old


1. active informing amongst youngsters in local area
We inform youngsters in two city primary school, in three high schools in near cities. We inform pupils about our program, about Youth in action program.
- Volunteer will spend his time with the visitors of our center and have an informal talk with them.
- He will be able to write articles, write e-mail to inform our visitors about our programs.
- He can write interesting thoughts on his own blog on our web site. Volunteer will learn how to inform people.

2. multimedia
A lot of our work includes multimedia. We document all our events. We take photos and record events. Volunteers can learn how to take good photos and how to make a video. He will learn how to be creative, unique and independent. They will use many different computer programs. They can make their own project in multimedia fields. Every year we make a promotional short movie presenting our cultural festival for youth. So, volunteers can make their own short film and show it to their friends after they go back home. We will support him with every wish that he expresses.

3. culture
We organize a lot of cultural events for young people. Those events are concerts, debate evenings, travelogues evenings, theme evenings, movie nights and safe parties’ without alcohol and drugs, stand up nights. Young people like to visit our program, so EVS volunteer will easily make new friends.
Our main event every year is youth cultural festival, called Generator festival.

4. working with children
We perform our program for pupils mostly school holidays and summer holiday. Some of the activities are different trainings, language courses, sport activities, cooking classes,… It takes a very good cooperation with all the employees and local volunteers.

5. prevention field
Every year we organize in local primary and high school the project where we with the cooperation with police station, hospital and volunteers try to prevent young people from using drugs or alcohol. EVS can help making the programme and can participate while performing the programme. He can show how those problems are solved in his own country. He can his experience. If he wants to make his own project in prevention, he will get the support from the project leader who’s has many years of experience in this field.

6. researching field
We will help them with filling in the application, with organizing activities and performing them. Our program leaders will help them. We hope that EVS will show interest in helping on this project. Working on all programs brings different learning effects. Developing computer skills is very important, because we will give our volunteer chance to learn and use new programs. He can attend computer classes for free.



The volunteer will stay in our youth hostel which is in the last floor in Youth center. We are located 10 min of walking from the center of city. He will have his own room, but he will share a bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.
He will have access to a computer and internet so that he can be in contact with his home town at any time.
We will give him a SIM card for his phone.

We will monthly give him money for the food.

Documentação: CV e Carta de Motivação em inglês

Mais Informações: http://www.sve.p/vaga/aberta/2699

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