IT & Cyber Specialist (Portugal)

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IT & Cyber Specialist (Portugal)

Ref.ª T202405

Our client is a company focused in unlocking earth observation’s full potential to understand our planet and transform
it for the better. They work alongside with their partners, using their high quality imagery and analytics expertise to
extract insights that help making the right decisions.
We are looking for a IT & Cyber Specialist to be integrated in Portugal, reporting to the Head of IT department.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Work Regime: Hybrid

▪ Assisting in the creation and implementation of IT policies, procedures, and security protocols to protect IT
systems and data from cybersecurity threats, malware, and unauthorized access, and ensure compliance
with industry regulations and standards.
▪ Contribute to risk management and cybersecurity initiatives to protect the organization´s information assets.
▪ Collaborate with business units to understand their technology needs and align solutions accordingly.
▪ Monitor and respond to security incidents, conduct regular security audits, and ensure compliance with data
protection regulations.
▪ Contribute to develop and maintain business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure IT resilience in
the face of disruptions.
▪ Monitoring and optimizing the company's hardware, software, and services to ensure system security.
▪ Administration of servers and services on Linux, RedHat/ CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server.
▪ Management of high availability environments on VMware and Amazon Web Service (EC2, S3, Route 53,
IAM, ECS, AWS Backups, Api Gateway, VPC, Workspace, Auto scaling, Cloudwatch, ECR, Firewall manager,
Lambda, Cloudformation, SNS, SES, Ground Station, GuardDuty....)
▪ Creating and managing process documentation and diagnostic testing for effective support.
▪ Track technology developments and trends in IT support.
▪ Providing technical assistance and resolving IT related queries at hardware, software, and network level,
on-site and remotely.
▪ Vulnerability detection and resolution.
▪ Maintenance, management, optimization, and deployment of:
• Networks, switches, access points.
• Security camera server.
• Postgres, MySQL, RDS databases.
▪ Ground segment (maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting).
▪ Server and infrastructure monitoring with Nagios, Centreon, Scripting.
▪ Communications management at the user and infrastructure level, for example, Access control, Virtual PBX.
▪ Ensure IT Support 24x7x365.

Requirements & Qualifications:
▪ Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field.
(the professional experience can be considered in compensation for the academic degree).
▪ Previous experience in a similar role (ideally a minimum of 6 years).
▪ Experience in introduction and control of technical requirements for data protection compliance and
ensuring operational IT security.
▪ Assisting in the implementation of projects and accompanying implementation of IT services in the day-today IT operations.
▪ Strong technical expertise in network administration, systems engineering, cybersecurity, and
telecommunications, with proficiency in managing complex IT environments and infrastructure.
▪ Experience in documenting IT procedures both from an infrastructure perspective and/or Cyber security.
▪ Knowledge of SIEM tools (security information and event management).
▪ Experience in the implementation of security in the design and security controls (e.g. Patch management,
hardening guidelines) in operational ICT systems.
▪ Experience with the implementation and operation of any of the following security solutions: Firewalls,
SIEMS, IPS/IDS, DLP, Data Encryption Solutions, VPN, etc.
▪ Experience/knowledge of hardware and software, networks (TCP/IP + secure protocols), cloud, and
application security / SSDLC is essential.
▪ Experience with PowerShell, Bash, and Python Scripting.
▪ The position is staffed 24/7/365 so it requires additional availability on call.

▪ English fluent (mandatory).
▪ Spanish at an intermediate level. A high level of proficiency would be valued.

Valued knowledge:
▪ ISO 9001 training.

▪ Career development opportunity.
▪ Wage package appropriate to the presented experience.
▪ Access to various benefits such as training academy, health insurance, among others.

If you meet the above requirements, please send your application via email: with reference
to T202405_Rec_IT & Cyber security Specialist.

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