Reference InnovPP070/2024 Software Developer - Data Management and Risk Analysis

Detalhe da Oferta:

We are looking for a passionate and resourceful candidate able to integrate into an ambitious organization aiming to develop innovative products and services to protect crops against pests and diseases.
The ideal candidate must be precise, able to demonstrate technical skills and to have a rigorous approach to develop, test and maintain software. A wide range of programming languages, rather than excelling in one specific, is an advantage.

Main responsibilities
The candidate shall report directly to the Director of the Department of Data Management and Risk Analysis and will have the following responsibilities:
 Designing, developing, testing and deploying computer and web applications (e.g. dashboards), including front and back-end, to transmit complex information in a user-friendly manner;
 Coding in a clean way with the focus on the end-users needs, debugging and troubleshooting system errors;
 Actively research, learn and implement new approaches, when necessary;
 Work across departments and in a multidisciplinary team;
 Document thoroughly the work along its execution and provide technical documents;
 Prepare and run training workshops to the software end-users.

Specific requirements
 Bachelor/Master degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT or related relevant fields;
 Experience in working with Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) and Windows OS;
 Proven experience in coding with some of the following: Java, SQL, Python, R, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++;
 Proven experience in database development (PostgreSQL, MySQL);
 Track record of successful application development with the ability to write clean, well-documented code;
 Open minded and with a strong aptitude for learning new technologies;
 Good communication skills with both technical and non-technical staff;
 Able to work independently, while enjoying working as a member of multidisciplinary, project-oriented teams;
 Demonstrable problem-solving skills and flexibility to succeed in a dynamic and changing environment;
 Good written and spoken English.

Ideal requirements

Skills on the following are an advantage, but not essential:

 Experience in developing dashboards with Shiny, Dash, Flask or other frameworks;
 Familiar with working with containers (e.g. Docker) and with virtual machines;
 Familiar with working with API development;
 Familiar with data analysis processes and/or machine learning;
 System/network infrastructure maintenance.

InnovPlantProtect is a private non-profit association
InnovPlantProtect aims to create innovation for the protection of crops, seeds and post-harvest products through:
 Development of innovative technologies and knowledge creation, as well as improvement of existing technologies for crop protection;
 Applied scientific research to create novel intellectual property developed technologies in the market, and to develop processes and products;
 Provide technical support to public or private companies and entities, assisting them in the introduction of biotechnological strategies, methods and processes, and in the orientation and implementation of industrial research and development, directed towards the protection of crops, seeds and post-harvest products;
 Collaboration with (inter)national public and/or private institutions, in their areas of activity.

The work location will be at the headquarters of InnovPlantProtect in Elvas, situated in INIAV, at the former National Plant Breeding Station.

Salary and contract

A full-time contract, expected to start on 18thMarch, 2024 will continue until 31st December, 2025 with a trial period of one month. The contract may be renewed annually for a further one year depending on performance and further financial support. All the activities to be developed will be subject to confidentiality clauses. Gross remuneration will depend on experience, starting from €1.559,00 (14 months – €21.826,00/year), plus €6 for daily lunch subsidy.

Financial Support
This contract is defined and financed by Investment RE-C05-i02 – “Missão Interface”, referring to Advise n. º 01/C05-i02/2022, within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan “Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência” (PRR).

How to Apply
To the care of the Chief Executive Officer of InnovPlantProtect Collaborative Lab, Professor Pedro Fevereiro (

To apply for this position, the following documents should be sent in a single PDF document with the reference “InnovPP070/2024” in the subject:
 Curriculum vitae (CV)
 Motivation letter
 Two reference contacts
 Statement of honour that CV content is accurate.
(Please note that Degrees obtained in foreign countries need a Portuguese Recognition issued by a Portuguese high degree Institution, according to the Decree-Law nr. 66/2018, of August 16th and the Ministerial Order nr. 33/2019, of January 25th. The presentation of such Recognition is mandatory for contract signature. More information can be obtained in:

This call is open from February 5th to March 3rd, 2024, with a decision expected by March 8th.

General rules of data protection (GDPR)
With the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 April 2016, commonly known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in order to ensure a fair and transparent treatment of the holder of the data, InnovPlantProtect informs that by applying for this position you are authorizing InnovPlantProtect to (1) collect and process your personal data deemed necessary and relevant to this recruitment process, (2) to disclose the results of the evaluation in accordance with the legislation in force.

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