House Maid, with 6 sleepovers a month - Experience with babies;

Detalhe da Oferta:

Young couple looking for a full-time person available to sleep a few nights per month.

- Experience with children;

What we value:
- Punctuality and no missing days;
- Discreet, responsible, polite;
- Availability to stay overnight some nights. And some weekends if necessary;
- Some aptitude for cooking;

Intended work dynamics:
- Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (1:30h rest, but at home, children sleeping. Until they are at school, in a few years)
- 1 weekday every week: sleeps with us, works until the child goes to bed and morning (from the moment the child wakes up until the normal shift starts again)
- 2 Fridays per month + Saturday morning: sleep with us, works until the child goes to bed) and morning (since the child wakes up until 10:30 and then leaves)
- Availability to exceptionally do some extra hours, paid separately
- Availability to travel and work some weekends or holidays if necessary

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