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 VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Actividades com jovens (todas as despesas asseguradas)

Empresa: ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil
Tipo: Estágio
Data: 29-9-2011
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Categoria mais emprego Serviços Sociais
Referencia # 1340758

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VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Actividades com jovens (todas as despesas asseguradas)

Duração: 9 meses de 07-10-2011 a 01-07-2012

Local: Roménia, Craiova

Horário: 5 dias por semana, 6 horas por dia

Condições: Alojamento, Alimentação, Viagens, vistos, vacinas, Seguro, formação linguística, Acompanhamento pessoal, ciclo de formação e avaliação, férias (2 dias por cada mês), transporte local, subsídio mensal (60 €).

Vagas: 1

Requisitos: ter entre 18 e 30 anos


Hosting Community - Craiova.
EPYD will launch its EVS programme starting with Craiova as a EVS pilot centre and expanding with each semester in Dolj county and later, within no more than 1 ½ year in the entire region of S - W Oltenia.
With a population of little over 300.000 inhabitants, Craiova is the fifth largest Romanian city and the capital of Dolj County. Is situated near the east bank of the river Jiu in central Oltenia. In terms of economic development, Craiova is a developing city with a growing rate especially in services. Of the working population (about 110,000 persons), 38% are employed in industry, 15% in trade and repair services, 10% in transport and storage, 8% in education, 5.7% in the medical field. The public transportation in Craiova consists of 3 trolley tram lines and 17 bus lines. Several minibus lines are also in service.
Plenty of cultural and religious landmarks (Oltenia Museum, Art Museum, St. Dumitru Church, casa Baniei, ect.), nature spots (Botanic Garden, Romanescu Park ), shopping centres and leisure time locations (clubs, cinemas, sport centres, swimming pools) are available.
Craiova is also a big University centre with two big Universities: Craiova University and University of Medicine and Pharmacy attended by students from all over Oltenia.
The volunteers will be hosted either in rented apartments or at the youth hostel : Casa Studentilor.

Hosting Community - Dolj County.
Dolj County with its population of over 700000 inhabitants is the most developed county from S W Oltenia. The majority of the population lives and works in the rural area.
The volunteers will be hosted in small towns and villages within host families. The hosting communities network from Dolj county is to be expanded and developed along the implementation of the EVS projects to come.

As mentioned before, along the way and within no more than 1 ½ year, EPYD will broaden the geographical hosting area for the EVS to the entire region of SW Oltenia. The development process will include cooperation with other non governmental organizations from the region which shall be encouraged to apply for accreditation.
The aim of the project is to contribute to the hosting community sustainable development combining the efficient dissemination and implementation of the EVS programme with the personal development of the volunteers.
The various activities that are to be developed within the EVS project in general as well as additional activities developed by the organization and its members will provide the volunteers with a rich intercultural learning context:
Thematic Training Sessions.
Following the methods implemented by our member - ARDR - we shall provide our volunteers with several thematic sessions on project management, intercultural communication, conflict management, public relations, community facilitation, animation, etc, trainings that will contribute to the personal development of the volunteers contributing to the development of new skills and abilities. Such competences will help them along the EVS project but also in the future with their professional growth.
Intercultural Learning.
The volunteers will have the chance to live and work in a rich intercultural environment created both by the number of peers volunteers (along the volunteers hosted by EPYD we will encourage the cooperation with the volunteers from Gorj county, hosted by our two members ARDR and YWB) as well as other foreigners which live and study in the region (Craiova University hosts plenty of foreign students).
Personal project.
Each volunteer will be encouraged and supported by the organization to launch and implement an innovative personal idea that will also remain as a model and best practice results for the future volunteers, contributing to the dissemination and results exploitation.
Network of Community Actors.
The volunteers will have the opportunity to work also with community actors (Local Public Administration, Formal and Non Formal Education Institutions).
Activity Diversity.
EPYD will implement along the EVS project other national or international activities/projects. Furthermore, our national and/or international member organizations will develop themselves diverse activities. In this respect, to spur the personal learning outcomes and contribute to the volunteers personal development we shall encourage them to get involved in such activities, get more responsible and learn more.

The European Platform for Youth Development (EPYD) is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical body based on regional cooperation between the European Union and partner countries from SEE & Caucasus created in 2005 (It was juridical set up in 2007).
European Platform for Youth Development (EPYD) is the fruitful outcome of the project Networking 4 Tomorrow that came as follow up to sequential programmes developed by "Youngsters Without Borders" in the EU and partner countries since 2003.
EPYD as a network is formed by 14 organizations from SEE, Caucasus and EU countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Spain, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.
EPYD's mission is to increase the quality & accountability, support the development, lobby for the recognition, and advocate the active participation of organizations working in the youth field.
EPYD has emerged as an innovative tool to work on the lack of recognition and validation of youth work, poor quality of international youth projects and scarcity of capacity building and sustainable development in the youth field. EPYD is to counteract the major lack of structural or policy impact on the youth field due to the low level of involvement of local, regional and national authorities in the support of youth actions that hampers any sort of long term development.
EPYD works on the recognition and validation of youth work in order to increase the employability of young people and to promote the YOUTH WORKER PORTAFOLIO, EUROPASS or any other European Initiatives.
In general terms of motivation the current project, its activities but furthermore its follow-up will contribute to the effort of the Commission to increase the quality of the Youth in Action Programme in the neighbouring regions.
In terms of capacity EPYD network is formed by a variety of non governmental organizations, with long and rich experience in EVS project management but also in implementation of projects within YiA programme as well as other funding programmes.
Further more the formal structure of EPYD, soon to become also a legal based European organization has received the open support for its future actions from European Institutions after a lobbying strategy which consisted in several meetings of representatives from EPYD with decision making and programme directors from the Executive Agency, Youth Forum and Diplomatic Missions.
The volunteers will be regarded and treated as a member of the organization acting as a support for the planning, implementation and evaluation of the various activities.
Amongst the concrete tasks of the volunteers we mention:
- attend all the preparatory(accommodation meeting, team building), training (On Arrival, Thematic trainings, Language sessions) and evaluation meetings (weekly and monthly evaluations) organized during the EVS project and directly related to it.

- prepare themselves for each meeting with the requested materials (for example: filling on time the monthly evaluation forms)
- assist the organization stuff in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the hosting community non formal education activities
- Assist in working with the youngsters, propose activities, discussion topics, share opinions, cultural and traditional customs, etc.
- Openly communicate with the mentor, his/her peer volunteers and the EVS coordinator
- Display a decent and common sense behaviour in relation to the organization, the youngsters, local stakeholders and the local hosting community in general
- Contribute to the visibility of the project in the community, especially amongst the target group (youngsters) as well as the local actors (public administration, education institutions, media, etc)
- Be responsible and meet one's tasks accordingly.
Taking into consideration the broad geographical dimension that EPYD wishes to develop along with the EVS projects implementation the type of activities will be diverse and will focus on three main directions:

1. Personal Development of the Volunteer. The activities developed within this area will focus on skills and abilities development and consist of thematic trainings, language classes and coaching. Along the classic training actions developed within an EVS project - Pre- departure, On Arrival, Mid term and final evaluation the project will include also thematic trainings (Communication, Animation, Project management, Community facilitation, etc) that will contribute to the improvement of existing skills and development of new ones, skills that will be required for the efficient implementation of the EVS project.

In addition to the planned thematic trainings, the action of being a volunteer in itself: taking care of oneself, cooking, cleaning, working in an intercultural team, assuming responsibilities and tasks, etc shall contribute to the personal growth of the volunteers by developing abilities such as: courage, tolerance, leadership, creativity, trust, security, etc.

2. Community Development. The volunteers will be working with various formal and non formal educational institutions (kinder gardens, primary and general schools, high schools, children's clubs, Children's Pallace, Art clubs, etc ) from the hosting community(s).
According to each institution area of work as well as skills and interest of the volunteers the activities will consist of: Sport and outdoor activities; Art and cultural activities; Environment ;animation activities ; information campaigns; language sessions; music; open discussions, etc
3. Organizational Development. Depending on the experience and interest of each volunteer they will be involved in organizational actions that will vary from office work (cleaning, answering the phone and giving information, making copies, arranging files, sending faxes to direct tasks and responsibilities within different projects )
The host organisation will:

- find adequate accommodation, local transport for the volunteers
- arrange for the volunteers to eat at a canteen or will give them money to buy their own food and ensure they have access to facilities to prepare it
- arrange for volunteers language training (formal or non-formal) throughout their stay.
The future EVS projects that are to be implemented by EPYD will give the opportunity of being a volunteer within the project to every youngster regardless of religion, sexual orientation, social, economical or educational background and ethnicity. Priority shall be given to young people with fewer opportunity youngsters confronted with social and/or economic obstacles. No special education or experience will be required from the candidates. Basic English proficiency will though be a required criterion that will insure an efficient communication and better development and growth opportunity for the volunteers.
The information about the EVS placements will be disseminated by EPYD in cooperation with the future sending partners using the following means:
- Web announcements (posting the placement availability on the organization/s sites)
- Group e-mail dissemination
- EVS sending organizations database - sending the call to accredited sending organizations which can further disseminate the placements availability within their network.
- Media announcements and visual information (posters, fliers, etc)
- EVS presentations (in youth clubs, education institutions, youth meeting locations, etc.)
Among the future sending organizations we will cooperate with we include here all our present network members as well as actual partners of our members. The cooperation with this organization will be characterised by efficiency and stability as far as we worked before and we already established a strong network. The partnership in EVS will however not be limited to these organizations and will be open to every interested organization, eligible to participate within the programme according to the YiA rules.

Mais Informações: http://www.sve.pt/vaga/aberta/652

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