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 VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Desenvolvimento Comunitário (todas as despesas asseguradas)

Empresa: ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil
Tipo: Estágio
Data: 29-9-2011
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Categoria mais emprego Serviços Sociais
Referencia # 1340726

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VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Desenvolvimento Comunitário (todas as despesas asseguradas)

Duração: 8 meses de 07-10-2011 a 01-06-2012

Local: Roménia, Banska Bystrica

Horário: 5 dias por semana, 6 horas por dia

Condições: Alojamento, Alimentação, Viagens, vistos, vacinas, Seguro, formação linguística, Acompanhamento pessoal, ciclo de formação e avaliação, férias (2 dias por cada mês), transporte local, subsídio mensal (60 €).

Vagas: 1

Requisitos: ter entre 18 e 30 anos

The W.A.V.E. project aims 3 dimensions: personal development, development
within the host organization and community development. The Communities
where the Euro House Centers are established will stand as the main working
headquarters for the volunteers.

Therefore, there are four strands as the whole FOR.W.A.R.D. Programme is
designed onto:
1.Proceeding with community youth development - there are few
communities where community youth work needs to be started from scratchhardly
anything has been done in terms of long term community youth work;
2.Designing, organizing, and implementing, in conjunction with local
counterparts and youngsters from their hosting communities, a variety of
activities such as: sports events , environmental activities, cultural camps, group
games, thematic workshops, walks in the cities, visits to different sights and
events, theatre and art creative workshop, music and dance, cultural awareness
and learning activities, etc.
3. Getting involved in other local/national and/or international programmes and
activities developed by ARDR;
4. Advocating for community changes - local authorities are still close minded
in terms of supporting youth actions in a structured way and give priority to
youth affairs; hardly any finances for youth work, hardly any local action plan
for youth affairs. Here, volunteers will be involved in advocacy events.
The main themes of the project are Community Youth Development and
European Active Citizenship.
Your role in the project will be to organize:
- Language Sessions (English, French, German, Spanish, etc)
- Art (painting, modeling, handicrafts, etc)
- Drama – Theatre plays
- Sports & Dances
- Green Activities (Cleaning Areas, Planting trees, etc)
- Cultural Activities – Countries and customs presentations, dances, culinary
events, etc

- Camps, outdoor activities,
- Presentation sessions on: Equal rights, Democracy, European Institutions, Etc
- Pc classes (learning how to use a pc, the internet, a program)
- Promote Tolerance and Understanding between youngsters from the majority
and minority (Roma ethnicity)
- Actively involve volunteers in developing and running activities that encourage
the communication between the Roma and Romanian youngsters
- Promote and implement non formal education and sport activities for spurring
active citizenship and youth participation
- Raise youngster’s cultural awareness, tradition and customs diversity
- Provide opportunities for the volunteer’s personal growth, skills and abilities
- Provide for the volunteers the context for intercultural expression, creativity
and innovation
- Strengthen the role of the schools working with Roma as well as other
organizations in promoting and implementation of activities that encourage
communication in between the Roma and Non – Roma
- Raise language awareness by encouraging communication in mother tongue as
well as other foreign languages
- Develop and strengthen cooperation relations in between the project partners as
well as other stakeholders directly involved in the project (cooperation between
education institutions – both on local, regional as well as European level)
The beneficiary groups you will work with are youngsters from the hosting
Selection criteria: gender and geographical balance
Education: education is a plus
Language Proficiency: - at least basic level of English (being able to make
herself/himself understood by the others – able to communicate)

Project environment
Dolj County with its population of over 700000 inhabitants is the most developed county from S W Oltenia. The majority of the population lives and works in the rural area.

The volunteers will be hosted in small towns and villages within host families. The hosting communities network from Dolj county is to be expanded and developed along the implementation of the EVS projects to come.

Gorj County has a population of 387.000 and is situated in the south-west part of Romania. The name Gorj comes from the slavonic word "gore" which means "up" and Jii, which represents the two rivers Jiu that unite (Western Jiu and Eastern Jiu). It is consisted of 9 cities including the county seat Targu Jiu and 61 communes. ARDR has been developing EVS activities since it's foundation in 2007 in 7 of the cities and continuously growing the number of the communes.
Despite numerous numerous european opportunities and fundings Gorj County continues to be considered a poor county where unemployement is high. This is due to the fact of the closing of exploitation of coal in surface pits.

In some of the cities and communes ARDR rents flats for the volunteers to live and in the rest has developed good relations with hosting families. Each volunteer is provided with a monthly food allowance which they can spend as they desire.

The volunteers will have the chance to work and live in a rich and cultural environement. They will have the chance to work in a educational unit (kindergarten, primary, gimnasium and high school), cultural unit (Cultural House, Youth Club) or in partnership with the Local Public Administration.

Our communities in Gorj county in which we host volunteers are: Musetesti , Tismana, Hurezani, Bustuchin, Rovinari, Motru, Bilteni, Novaci, Baia de Fier, Bumbesti Jiu, Ticleni, Targu Carbunesti, Matasari and Pestisani. Description and photos for all the communities can be found at the following address: http://www.yesforevs.eu/gorj.php

Our communities in Dolj county in which we host volunteers are: Craiova, Mofleni, Lascar Catargiu, Popoveni, Carcea, Malu Mare, Amarastii de Jos, Dabuleni, Gighera, Giurgita, Leu, Melinesti, Segarcea and Daneti. Description and photos for all the communities can be found at the following address: http://www.yesforevs.eu/dolj.php

The EVS project have 3 aims:

- personal and professional development;

- community development;

- organizational development.
For the personal development the volunteers will be encouraged and assigned to develop certain activities including their own ideas. The activities will develop new abilities and strengthen the ones they already have.

For the implementation of the activities, the volunteers will work in intercultural teams, assume different responsibilities and tasks which will contribute to the personal growth of the volunteer by developing abilities such as courage, tolerance, leadership, creativity, trust, security, self-confidence, etc.

A typical week for a volunteer is made taking in consideration daily activities, horizontal and scale events. For instance the first three days the volunteer can spend time with the youths in the local school, the youth club, a senior citizens club, the kindergarten and so on. The rest of two working days can be used for preparation for a scale event like preparation for a excursion with the kids, a environmental campaign, a social campaign, events linked to the National and International Holidays (Mother's day, International Children's Day, Europe's Day, International Rroma Day, etc). During all these activities, planning and research the volunteers will also have horizontal responsibilities, like making reports, taking photos and uploading them to the internet, attend the weekly evaluation with the mentor, attend the monthly evaluation together with the rest of the volunteers and staff of ARDR.

Description of the organisation
ARDR conducts own regional programs aiming at:

- developing local communities and human resources
- fighting against any form of discrimination (gender, race, religious, cultural, etc.)
- fostering open governance and participatory democracy
- create thematic networking
- spur intercultural communication
- boosting associativity
- promoting active citizenship
- constructing local social capital as the basis for development of local communities
- advocating European democratic values as resource for sustainable rural development
- engaging the community and reinforcing social cohesion
- reinforcing the culture and identity of the area
- preserving natural resources and managing the environment and land
- creating activities, reinforcing competitiveness and accessing markets
- benefiting from technological developments in all fields (agriculture, transport, etc.) especially
information and communication technology
- balancing people migratory flows and ensuring socio-professional integration
- combining know-how, skills and jobs
- enhancing the image and perception of the area
- encourage and boost the entrepreneurial spirit
ARDR is the fruitful outcome of years of teamwork and personal development in the NGO sector. Our NGO developes ideas and pilot projects that have been gradually growing for years now, but that have not had the time to ripen.
ARDR unites a young team with a solid professional background, and is backed up by relevant advisors in all of the areas in which it provides programs. We benefit from a wide network of local, regional, national and worldwide social organizations that has been built up over many years.
ARDR staff staff is composed of a head of life long learning education unit, two project managers, an advocacy adviser, a fundraising consultant, a financial officer, a network of 12 local mentors trained to deliver support as part of the EVS programme.
ARDR holds the secretariat for a network of 12 local coordinators for extra-curricualar activities.
In terms of logistics ARDR has twelve offices fully equipped that are spread in twelve communities al over Gorj county.
As for support materials, ARDR has developed a series of KIT that are available for volunteers to work with.
ARDR holds also the Secretariat of the European Platform for Youth Development that unites organizations from Middle East, Caucasus and EU and the Yes for EVS Secretariat for the Youth Empowerment Network that unites organizations from Africa and Latin America.

ARDR has active projects and programs that you can find throughout the website www.ardr.ro This dynamic and exciting organization is growing from the grassroots right up through the complex modern bureaucracy of the new Romania, and it is an inspiring time to be contributing to the future of this country.
There have been issues and recent events at the local, regional, European and international level that encouraged the development of the Regional Association for Rural Development and helped us create a pro-active agenda for the rural development strategy in the Development Region of South West Oltenia.
ARDR, as an active agent of change and development, exercises a territorial function, amplified and valorized by varied high-quality services and legislative initiatives to develop civil society from rural and disadvantaged areas regarding the social background, to strengthen communities by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives, to increase participation, local communities capacity for sustainable development, and expertise of NGOs, LPA in the European regional development, and to diminish the differences of human and economic development between rural and urban spaces compared to the European Union's average.

There are four pillars defining the basis of ARDR vision: Community Development, Youths and Volunteerism; Research, Policy and Life Long Learning Education; Consultancy, Implementation & Monitoring.

Mais Informações: http://www.sve.pt/vaga/aberta/785/

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