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 VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Actividades Culturais com crianças e jovens

Empresa: ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil
Tipo: Estágio
Data: 29-9-2011
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Categoria mais emprego Serviços Sociais
Referencia # 1340710

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VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL – Actividades Culturais com crianças e jovens (todas as despesas asseguradas)

Duração: 11 meses de 15-10-2011 a 15-09-2012

Local: Eslováquia, Stara Lubovna

Horário: 5 dias por semana, 6 horas por dia

Condições: Alojamento, Alimentação, Viagens, vistos, vacinas, Seguro, formação linguística, Acompanhamento pessoal, ciclo de formação e avaliação, férias (2 dias por cada mês), transporte local, subsídio mensal (95 €).

Vagas: 2

Requisitos: ter entre 18 e 30 anos

Resumo: Project environment:

Outline the project environment for the suggested voluntary Service, including the local community where the project will take place (e.g. geographical, social and economical environment). If the host placement is located in a live-in community, please include the rules and conditions that apply also for the volunteer.
We are governmental institution. We work with children and youth in age between 6- 26. Our work is oriented on areas of culture, sport, environment, crafts, social science and tourism by making activities for children and their parents. Our activities are organised through the clubs, interest groups, informal groups meetings, bigger social activities.
Stará ¼ubovòa is a district town of the North Slovakia.
It is a small town with a rich history. Stará ¼ubovòa is more than 700 years old and has more than 16 000 inhabitants. The town is located 15 km far from borders with Poland, that´s why we have many things in common - for example : history and many customs.
Part of our region is National Park called PIENAP, one of the most beautiful parks in Slovakia. This region is also famous for its clean air and nature. Main source of income is from tourism. The town is also known for its historical castle ¼ubovòa.
Many young people are daily traveling to school or going weekly to universities in other cities : Košice, city of youth and students, 100 km far from Stará ¼ubovòa, Prešov - regional city - 65 km far from Stará ¼ubovòa… The area is mostly mountainous so there is many possibilities to do mountain biking, tourism, hiking and many more. We have large community of Roma people and other minority for example Polish, Russian / it is one of the bigest community vhere is working a lot of russians folklor and interesant groups /, German. We have 19 % of unemployment, mostly of which are young people between 18 - 25. The people in this region mostly live in family houses. Only some people in Stará ¼ubovòa and Podolinec live in a flat houses.
We are expectation volunteer whoo will be open , will be like and interesting in a work with yout and children and cultural area, will be tolerate different culture, well be prepared by his/ her sending organisation - to stay longer time without familly in another countrie. Project is open also for a partners countries without different. English on the basic lewel is welcomen.
Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

Because we have a lot of activities in which the volunteers could be active and because we see that european volunteers are interested about Slovakia, we want help them to realize their dreams : to see different country, to know another culture, to find new friends, to increase their personality and skills.
- use possibility to cooperate with russian minority
- work with children and youth
- pick up skills in this work
- intercultural learning
- contact with public
- to prepare his/her own little project
- he/she will have opportunity to learn how to be tolerant with different etnic groups /minority/
- to know traditional Slovak and Russian food, folklore and see our history by visiting castles, open-air museums, skanzems.
- To know other european culture during the stay together with volunteers from other european countries

" what will be the role of EVS volunteers in the Host Organisation,

Volunteer´s role will consist in cooperation with workers in organisation. The volunteer will help them on current activities prepared by Centre for leisure time activities.He/she will be working mostly on activities in a culture and languages area , work with computer music, and painting, but he/ she can be active in areas corresponding to his/her opportunity ,hobbies and interests.The volunteer will also participate on the summer camps actvities.preparing/leading of discussion clubs for young people. Sportt, turism if will be possible.

" the activities in which the volunteers could be involved and the activities the volunteers could create in your organisation. Please give examples of typical activities/tasks for the volunteers.
The volunteers be involved in this activities: clubs, interest groups, informal groups meetings, bigger social activities as for example "Santa Claus Day ", Parents and children and activities during the summer holiday like a daily summer camp.Altogether there are 35 clubs and interest groups. In avarage we provide 100 different meetings including competition on various themes for one year.
Activies from area of culture and sport are the most popular activities. One time at year we organise THE ROMA SONG activitie, which are very popular activities between roma minority.
We also cooperate with NGOs in our region to be able to prepare variety of interest activities for children and youth : international exchanges, building our sports ground, helping talented young people with presenting their work at public. We are also preparing activities for children with social problems and Sant Nicolas day for disabled children.
Three times at year we organize International evenings. It is speciall a activities in which volunteers can realize their own skils. On This activities the volunteers with our hep present their countries, culture and ussually prepared the tipical food for their friend and other young people from our town.

Working Hours:
30 hours per week according he will choose from our activities. During the year we have 34 interesting groups here. Public activities in which volunteers will involved can be find on www.cvc.sk
- Example of activities:
2 days at week on swimming pool, 2 days activities with children in a playing room, and rest can be in a computer room. Ussually volunteers have Slovak lessons morning from 10 till 11,30 , than lunch and after noon from 2 till 6 pm runs activities in our organisation in which volunteers will participate according their interesting. Ussually they end from 4 -6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday are ussually free. When we have public activities in weekend days - volunteers can nay a free day during the working weekend.
- secure the budget for accommodation, food , pocket and all his stay in a host organisation

the volunteer will live in a 3 rooms flat will share with 2 other volunteers. All of them will have 1 private room. There is WIFI connection in the flat. There is also TV there. There is also all needs for the bed.

Volunteers will get 97 Euro for food and extra 20 food tickets per 3 euro per day. The food ticket is possible also use in shops and restaurants. The volunteer will have the possibility to take food in restaurant or prepare it in flat.

Local Transports:
We live in a small town and from one to another side of it you can make by foot per 10 minutes. But he can also use the public bus transport. From flat to the work and there is not possibilities to use any local transport -it is wery near by work. All volunteers and also workers came to the work by foot. Stara Lubovna is wery small town and everything is near the centre of the town. For freetime there is an bicykle in a flat of volunteers.
- Medical insurance
- Activity costs for a sending organisation ( according the coutry )
- Will secure all the description of the role and tasks of volunteer, the practical arrangements ( working hours , days of per week, holidays, food, accommodatin, local transport ) and expected learning outcomes like in APPLICATION FORM.
Language Course - The language training in first 5 months every day per 2 hours with a slovak teacher.
- activities for a volunteer during all his stay in a host organisation
- secure the mentor
- secure the languages lesson and special training course /if need/
- secure the part of volunteer on On arrival and Mid term training

Mais Informações: http://www.sve.pt/vaga/aberta/597/

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