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 Ruby on Rails

Empresa: InvoiceXpress
Tipo: Tempo Inteiro
Data: 30-11-2016
Zona mais emprego Lisboa
Categoria mais emprego Informática ( Programação )
Referencia # 3497514

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Hi there friend!

If you like traditional and boring job ads, written the same way, with no specific details, calling you cheesy things like Rockstar or Genius yxou can stop reading now.

But… If you need something refreshing, take your career seriously but still have a sense of humor, if you are looking for some employer transparency and a fair salary, maybe what’s written below will have you wanting to know us better.

Who are you?

You are a Coder instead of a guru, scientist or ninja. A hands-on person who loves solving problems with clean and beautiful solutions, but who understands when it’s time to let go because it has to be delivered or shipped.

Are you kinda what’s written above? Nice! Maybe this is the right position for you. Go on.

Who are we?

We are a group of folks who love technologies. Some are programmers, others work on customer support. There are also these guys who spend their lives recruiting, and some others do the possible (and the impossible) to assure everyone’s having the time of their lives. We develop products, and we provide services, always keeping in mind the motto “Making IT Simple”.

What is this Job ad for?

We are currently looking forward to hire a smart and enthusiastic Ruby on Rails Coder, to take our client’s projects to a whole new level. You’ll work in projects for top tech companies all over the world, in the most exciting and innovating projects.

This Job ad is made by our Staffing unit (which is different from Outsourcing, but that’s a huge discussion and we can approach that during the interview), which means that we are looking for talented people to work in our partners’ projects, but will be hired by us. As a matter of fact, that’s the case with more than 75% of the job ads that you’ll find, but no one will tell you this straight away... :)

So, sounds good? Ok! Keep reading.

What are the requirements?
You live, breathe, eat and drink technology;

You have a Web Development background;

You have 3 years experience developing in Ruby on Rails;

Money is important, but people, projects and culture is what really drives you;

For you, Qui-Gon Jinn isn’t just another trendy gin;

Besides technology you also understand the business logic;

You love Cakes.

What are the required skills?

Relevant higher education within IT;

Expert in Ruby on Rails;

Database knowledge;

Working experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Jquery, AJAX;

Familiarity with concepts of MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful;

Knowledge of NodeJS is a plus;

Fluent in written and spoken English;

What are the benfits?

Loads of work and possibility of Remote Work;

A crazy team;

Fruit and Cakes (LOTS of cakes) !!

An Office right in Saldanha, the Center of Lisbon near everything you need !!

Rocket Points: Earn points every time you do certain things (Give a talk, help hiring, come to events...and much more). Exchange your point for prizes (Money, training, smartphones, computers, gadgets… and many more);

Transparency (We’ll even tell you how much we charge for you, how this business works, how much your salary costs or why clients use Staffing... We are guessing the competition is wanting to kills us now!);

Free tech events with international speakers (http://mergelisbon.com/);

Free tech Talks every month/2 months;

Training and certifications on your desired technology;

Health insurance;

Summer Sessions Party (What happens in Summer Sessions, Stays in Summer Sessions).

If you reached this part of the job ad, if somehow everything you read made sense, and if you are not afraid of working, reach us at: ---@--- , explaining why you are the chosen one, with your Cv attached.

See ya!!!

The Staffing Team   


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